Aerial PRR2,
   Joost Korngold, Netherland
   Webcuts 2003

The Winner is...

Webcuts 04+05 has inspired the press and audience, 400 visitors in Berlin and 400 viewers watched online and voted the best internet movies.

The official Webcuts-Jury judged:

1. Place: Lots of Robots, Andy Murdock, USA
Alias Maya Unlimited + 10 licenses of mental images mental ray

2. Place: Zen - The Audio Pool, Ken Tonio Yamamoto, Deutschland
Mainconcept video bundle editing- und codec software

3. Place: Beatbox - far beyond Gravity
Corel graphic software bundle

The audience award goes to: Le Building
Marco Nguyen, Pierre Perifel, Xavier Ramonede, Olivier Staphylas, Rémi Zaarour
music software Ableton Live 5 + iPod Shuffle


Latest News:

05-09-26 Official selection for Webcuts 04+05 is done. We will schow 27 movies.



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