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Codehunters special

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Many people were impressed by "Codehunters", winner in the category "Best Design" of Webcuts.07. More about this movie can be found at a CGSociety Special or on the Codehunters website.

Webcuts.07 Community Award

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The Webcuts.07 Official Selection is online at the Webcuts.07 Sevenload portal. So the internet community can watch, rank and discuss it for a month. Choose your own favorites! A registration at Sevenload is needed for ranking and commenting the movies.

Webcuts.07 Award

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...the award is over, a fantastic event comes to an end. The winner is...

Best Film
I lived on the Moon - Yanick Puig (Spain/ France)

Best Animation
En tus brazos - Landour, Goby, Jouret (France)

Best Story
Leftovers - Igor Coric (Serbia)

Best Design
Codehunters - Ben Hibon, Dana Dorian (Scottland, UK)

Audience Award
Global Warming - Sheldon Lieberman (Australia)

All movies of Webcuts.07 can be watched at the Webcuts.07 Sevenload portal.

Tomorrow is Webcuts.07 night!

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Jep that's it, tomorrow we will earn the fruits of a year of organizing and hard work. This year special thanks goes to Sven doing so much of this stuff for Webcuts.07.
BTW: Grab the Webcuts.07 flyer here.

Infopark which was one of the early supporter of Webcuts.07 did expanded its sponsorship in the end again. Thank you!

And a last goody: I found this nice gallery of motion graphics at flickr:
Explore the 750 images :smile:

Webcuts.07 Tickets and Second Life

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Hurry up and order your personal Webcuts.07 ticket now online:

If you can't be on 11th. October at 20:00 o'clock in Berlin then visit at this time our Webcuts.07 Second Life Cinema:

Webcuts.07 award animation

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Today i finished the Webcuts.07 award animation. Rendering and compositing is complete done in Blender. But struggeled in the output of an Quicktime movie including audio.
Hey, just 3 days up to Webcuts.07 - don't miss it!

Center of Berlin is tagged :)

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If you are in the center of Berlin, open your eyes and take a look to find the flyers and posters of Webcuts.07. This year they are in super size A1 :smile:
Hurry up to get your tickets over 100 are sold out now! The ticket hotline of the Cinestar is 01805-118811
(24h, 14 Ct / Min.).

The complete programm for 11th of October:
20:00 Webcuts.07 "Official Selection" and award
22:30 Club Lounge at the Homebase K44 and Audience Award

Here is a small appetizer for you: Winners of Webcuts.06

Webcuts.07 - Nominees and winners

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The winners of this year’s Webcuts.07 were chosen by the jury last Friday. It took many hours until we finally decided on the best clip in each category. Yet, it’s still top secret who the winners are, as we will announce them next Thursday, October 11th at the Webcuts.07 Awards. Many thanks to the members of the jury: Ludwig von Reiche/ mental images, Prof. Susanne Mayer/ HDM Stuttgart, Prof. Ulrich Weinberg/ HFF Potsdam, Sven Assmann/ interface!berlin, Katrin Holetzeck/ Eastside Film and Andy Polaine (both absent).

Webcuts.07 Trailer

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enjoy it :smile:
Thanks to Sven!
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