A great way to show off your motion work on a big stage? Webcuts! They'll be having a big event in Berlin where they show off the submited works and then decide who's the best of the best later on. Then they party! I think! Their site is excellent btw! I love their kitty-3d-glossy-thing-character.
  posted by bard / 23:53 July 7th
  This is strange stuff, but it looks good.
  posted by henning / 17:02 July 7th
 Tom Muller
  hellomuller.com is the online catalogue of work of graphic designer Tom Muller. This site contains some beautiful work samples.
  posted by henning / 16:59 July 7th
 Tone Bergan
  As a former employee at Union Design, Tone Bergan has the portfolio to show for it. Lots of great work here, you really really have to see it.
  posted by bard / 12:56 July 5th
 Yuuka Suyama
  Yuuka Suyama, japanese illustrator of long haired girls, purple tattooed boys with a bloody gun and other interesting motifs, has one hell of a site filled with his art. Amazing!
  posted by bard / 12:54 July 5th
  Though their logo is a blatant rip of Tolleson Designs' logo for Liz Claire, their style otherwise is quite refreshing. Comfortable site and nice work in the portfolio.
  posted by bard / 12:44 July 5th
  The buzz around this firm is that they're at the forefront of Norwegian design. Well, I'll agree to that to some extent, current winds seem to be their thing though. Anyway, interesting portfolio, I think most of you'll like it!
  posted by bard / 12:40 July 5th
 Massive Attack
  Massive Attack's performance last night at the Quart festival was so extremely amazing (!!!) that I had to check up on their site right away. The theme they are running on the Internet is much the same as on stage.
  posted by arild / 11:47 July 3rd
  A collection of digital noise collages is painted on the canvas of spanish artist/designer Ramón Montero. At first glance they may seem dull, however with a keen eye you'll see the hidden beauty.
  posted by bard / 10:28 July 3rd
  The online portfolio of the norwegian 3d-genious Martin Lřvold. Make sure you download his showreel, it really kicks ass!
  posted by emilb / 22:05 July 2nd
 Fornebu Consulting
  Truly excellent site done by SoulPolice. Lovely background/design and some very entertaining employee profiles. Gotta see this!
  posted by bard / 19:39 July 1st
 Soul Police
  Superfantastic and innovative flash-sites seem to drip and drip like a bathroom faucet gone reeeeal fucking crazy. REALLY good sites can be found here, however the design of the portfolio is a bit dull compared to its contents...
  posted by bard / 16:43 July 1st
  Saft og Vann has a lot of ad-designs with some powerful policital messages and a wide variety of other designs. Worth a gander.
  posted by bard / 23:17 June 30th
  Massive thanks to Kreativt-Forum (web edition) for the major plug on their website (we're the headline!). Hopefully this will make us more known in the Norwegian design community!
  posted by bard / 23:11 June 30th
 Kim Holm
  Kim's portfolio and playground.
  posted by arild / 15:02 June 30th