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Berlin, 6th of June 2012

Webcuts.12 – Internet Film Fest Berlin: And the Winner is ....

On the occasion of the webinale 2012 – the holistic web conference – Webcuts.12 celebrates its 11th birthday with exceptional contributions and outstanding international community participation. Nominees, film enthusiasts as well as design and IT professionals got together at Café Moskau Berlin. Intensive discussions and a big party afterwards concluded the evening.


This year the public decided the winners in two of three categories via an online voting. More than 3000 internet film enthusiast from all over the world voted for their favourite movie until midnight on the 4th of June.


Winner in the category “Best of Webcuts 2001-2011”

The selection “Best of Webcuts 2001-2011” consisted of the impressive winner films from the last decade of Webcuts.


Title: “Elephants Dream”

Film maker: Ton Roosendaal and the Orange Open Movie Projekt Studio, Netherlands

The project was initiated by the Orange Open Movie Projekt Studio in Amsterdam bringing together various designer and developer teams from around the world. Montevideo and the Blender Foundation shared the production costs. The Blender Foundation acquired the money through their internet community which members financed the DVD edition in a pre-sale campaign. It was one of the first crowd-funding film projects.  

Prize: 500 Euro prize money sponsored by Software & Support Media


Winner in the category “Berlin Award”

This category is especially dedicated to films about Berlin or by artists located in Berlin and Brandenburg. The winning movie is a reflection of Berlin being a supporting hub for creative minds.


Title: “In the Belly f a Whale”

Film maker: Frederic Leitzke & Andreas Lamoth, Berlin

The movie reflects why Berlin is such an attractive place for artists. Various artists describe in twelve episodes the Berlin attitude to life and also explore the negative side of the life here in Berlin.

Prize: 1000 Euro prize money sponsored by Berlin Partner


Winner in the category “Best Internet Film 2012”
A jury of design, film and media experts chose the winner in the category “Best Internet Film 2012” from the organisers’ selection based on technical and aesthetic criteria.
Title: “Address is Approximate”
Film maker: Tom Jenkins & Simon Sharp, Great Britain
Not only humans are dreaming about the big wide world: A little robot longs for experiencing the sea breeze and discovering unknown landscapes. He only needs a pink Cadillac and Google Street View to make his dreams coming true.
Prize: Prize money and software with a value of 2000 Euro sponsored by Magix.


We will gladly send you more information and a selection of images.


Media contact:

interface!berlin – Der Multimediaverband in Berlin.

Simone Würdinger

Lützowstraße 106

10785 Berlin

Tel: +49 (0)30-56 70 15 53

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E-Mail: [email protected]


Please find the full press releases in German and English below.


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