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Photos of Webcuts.11

Impressions from Webcuts.11



And the winner is...

Find all Webcuts.11 award winners on our nominees page. You can also filter your view by category and winners only — or just click here for a filtered view of the winners only.


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Ticket winners

Congratulations to all the winners. You each get 2 tickets for the award show:

nieschke, neriflietedafem, arturito, cliliana and baberuthless.

You can still rate videos here – new prize will be announced soon.


Making of “Animation Tag Attack” with Christen Bach

We are looking forward to an interesting insight into the making of the collaborative project Animation Tag Attack with Christen Bach!


The Webcuts-Workshop in the occasion of webinale 2011 takes place on the Maritim proArte Hotel in the room Maritim I A. It is open to the public with no entry fee.


Time: Wednesday, June 1 · 6:00pm - 7:30pm

Location:  Hotel Maritim proArte Hotel, Friedrichstraße 151, Berlin, Germany


Check in to event on Facebook:

Complete list of nominees

 The list of nominees is complete, now. We added the finalists for Webcuts Classics.

Nominees for infotainment, machinima, documentary and Berlin award

We are pleased to announce the nominees for infotainment, machinima, documentary and Berlin award.

Nominees for Webcuts Classic will be published soon.

Find the current list of finalists here.

Jury meeting

Many thanks to our wonderful jury for an evening with lively discussions, great insights into their thoughts — and a decision! The nominees will be announced and contacted soon.



FLTR: Frank Stepan, Jennifer Hoffmann, Sven Assmann, Prof. Eku Wand, Eckhard M. Jäger, Suzi Zimmermann, Matthijs Wouter Knol — find all members of the jury here.

Submissions closed

Our call for submissions for Webcuts.11 ended on April, 22nd 2011.

We are now in the process of reviewing all entries. The nominiees will be announced after the jury meeting in a few weeks.

If you like to contact us, please write us an email: [email protected]
or contact us on or

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