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terms and conditions

We respect your work and we respect your copyrights! As a non-profit organization we will NOT sell your work. We only want to show it on our website and on the night of the award show. So, here are the details:


By submitting a film you declare that you own all the rights in the submitted works. The use of the works by Webcuts and its partners will not infringe the intellectual property or proprietary rights of any other person. In addition, you accept full liability if any third party's rights are violated. You also agree to give us the following rights by submitting your works to the Webcuts Internet Film Fest Berlin:

  • we are allowed to show your works on the Webcuts Award Show and Webcuts related events and on partner websites of the Webcuts Award Show.
  • we are allowed to copy and archive the submitted works.
  • we are allowed to reproduce and publish your works for advertising and public relations reasons for the Webcuts Internet Film Fest (if necessary just in an abridged version).
  • we are allowed to put your submitted movie on a catalogue DVD


Occasionally, online magazines, tv broadcasters and video platforms tell us, they want to distribute a Webcuts submission, because they like it so much. We will not provide your contact details to anyone automatically, but we will give your e-mail address to partners who are particularly interested in contacting you. If you have questions or don't want to agree to this, but still wish to submit your movie, please contact us at [email protected]. We will respect your conditions.


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