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Special with interviews of winners and authors of "En tus brazos" and "Video3000" (Webcuts.06)

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Sven Assmann and Eckhard M. Jäger members of the Webcuts.07 team interviewed by Freshmilk

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And the winner is...

Webcuts.07 presented the best internet movies of the world

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about webcuts

Webcuts.07 - from the computer to the big screen: Webcuts presents the best internet films from around the world.

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Webcuts.07 Award

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Welt Online freshmilk Webcuts.07 Official Selection

Best Film

I lived on the Moon
Yannick Puick (Spain/ France)

Best Animation

En tus brazos
Landour, Goby, Jouret (France)

Best Story

Igor Coric (Serbia)

Best Design

Ben Hibon, Dana Dorian
(Scottland, UK)

Audience Award

Global Warming
Sheldon Lieberman (Australia)

webcuts.07 is presented by

rendering imagination visible

winners 2007

I lived on the Moon (ES)
Best Film

Codehunters (UK) - Best Design

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Global Warming (AU) -
Audience Award

En Tus Brazos (FR) - Best Animation

Leftovers (RS)
Best Story
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