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Movie submission

Submissions for this form are closed.

the prizes
The best movies will be presented at the Webcuts Awards on 4th of June 2013 in the center of the Berlin. Deadline of submission is the 7th of May 2013. 
As a Webcuts.13 winner you will be presented with the “Digital Webkatz trophy” and professional software packages with a value of several thousand euros!
If sponsors for flight and hotel are available we will invite some of the winners to be present at the Webcuts.13 Award Show in Berlin.


the rules

  • From all submissions, a selection of films will be chosen by the organisers based on technical and aesthetic criteria. A jury of experts will choose the winners from the organisers’ selection
  • There is no submission fee.
  • Deadline for submissions is May 7, 2013.
  • You can only submit films for Webcuts that have been produced specifically for the internet or have been mostly published online, no matter whether digitally produced or using traditional editing methods.
  • Product advertising, submissions with pornographic, violent or otherwise illegal content will not be accepted.
  • You have to submit your film to one of the given categories.
  • You can submit up to two movies.
  • For the category “Berlin Award” we will only accept movies about Berlin or movies from artists living in Berlin or Brandenburg.
  • For the category “Bandung Award” we will only accept movies about Bandung or movies from artists living there.

Random photos

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